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There is no catch and your data is not sold to anyone. We are committed to giving you the power to do your own taxes and take control of your finances.

GoSimpleTax helps you get your tax return done properly, its jargon-free and gives you hints and tips on savings as you go!
 It's perfect for all self-employed limited company directors and landlords… in fact, anyone who needs to file a tax return.

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Your trust is a privilege and a responsibility. It is our first priority, every day. SimpleTax is protected by the same 256-bit secure connections and systems used by online banking standards, ensuring your information is transmitted and stored securely. 

As a contractor what benefits will I see from GoSimpleTax?

Gives hints and tips on Tax savings

Over 60,000 taxpayers signed up

“This blew my mind – what you’re basically saying is I could be replaced by a piece of software"

"SimpleTax gives the Inland Revenue a lesson in interface design."

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We've invested heavily in our support team, and the tools they use to support our customers. Our helpdesk isn't hidden behind a customer login, and we publish our satisfaction ratings. Over the past 100 support tickets where our customers left feedback, here's how we've done:

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£60.00 per tax year


Directly to HMRC
View Tax Ca
Print your Tax Calculation
Download Form R40
Basic Tax Return (SA100)
Employment (SA102)
Self Employment (SA103)
Partnership (SA104)
Property (SA105)
Foreign (SA106)
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Self Assessment Categorisation


£30.00 per tax year

£50.00 per tax year





With the HMRC moving away from its own submission tool we are working closely with them to have smooth transition into the digital age and ensuring Making Tax Digital is as simple as possible for our contractors

Contractors FAQ's

As a Director can I put my dividend income through GoSimpleTax?

Yes it is protected by the same 256 bit secure connections and systems used for online banking.

How GoSimpleTax gives you peace of mind

GoSimpleTax does hundreds of double-checks and points out tax savings you qualify for, ensuring you file an accurate tax return At the end, get HMRC's IRMark confirmation delivered to your inbox.


14 days free trial

& submission tool

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Just enter your email address with a password to keep your tax info secure

Does the Income Tax Calculations for you

Calculates your liability  as you go (MTD Ready)

Does all schedules including partnerships

No hidden costs

Scan receipts and Invoices  - no lost receipts

I also have property income can GoSimpleTax help with this?

Yes - Just put your income and expenses in and in does the calculations for you - giving tips on saving as you go

"I think it is brilliant. I always found Sage too complicated but this makes everything so simple with tremendous support with all questions answered. It was easy to sign into and simple to use."
 G H, Overseas User

"Thanks for the information... the software looks very good to me. Also, a new year gives me the opportunity to say how impressed I have been with all aspects of the services you provide and for the values you have set yourselves"
 J C, Aberdeen

“...Thank God for services like yours"
Mr W, Glastonbury

"...very delighted with the remarkable service. We are extremely impressed by the presentation of figures, breakdowns & calculations... We will of course recommend it to our friends."
 Mr & Mrs G H, London

"...I just wanted to let you know that this system really works for me. I was struggling endlessly with my last package so this is a breath of fresh air. Very straightforward and useable. Thanks again"
 Glyn, Dorset

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 Renewal pricing as per discount offer and subject to change.

* Excluding Lloyds and Members of Parliament.

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