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We understand that keeping abreast of your financial situation can be difficult and that you don't always get the opportunity to log your income and expenses. So, to assist we've teamed up with GoSimple Software, they too understand the challenges you face - that's why they've developed software that's not just easy to use and jargon-free, it also prompts you to ensure your claiming all your tax allowances.

And as an added bonus SimpleTax comes with a 14 day free trial - so you can try before you buy without any commitment.

Your personal finances sorted - quickly and easily with SimpleTax

SimpleTax is the easy way of calculating and submitting a self-assessment return. Developed with individuals in mind and not accountants; the fact that it's jargon-free and that it has an intuitive design means that you don't have to be a tax expert. Simply enter your basic personal information and SimpleTax will guide you through your self assessment, allowing you to calculate and submit your return accurately.

Cloud based - accessible wherever you may be

Even if you are taking a break and have a few spare minutes you can update SimpleTax anywhere, as it is cloud-based all - you need is access to the internet. And, you can rest-assured that your data is safe as SimpleTax is protected by the same 256-bit secure connections and systems used by online banking standards, ensuring your information is transmitted and stored securely. 

Ensure you claim all your allowances before submitting to HMRC

Android and iOS apps - making tax even easier

Access your SimpleTax account via laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. Download our mobile app to scan receipts and invoices direct into your self assessment return. So, the next time you have purchased something as an expense, open up your SimpleTax app, take a snap of your receipt and we will store your receipt for you - you no longer have to worry about lost receipts.

HMRC recognised - SimpleTax will calculate and submit your return direct to HMRC when you are ready to submit it. The software will check your return for errors and to to make sure you don't submit your return without claiming all your applicable allowances, SimpleTax will even suggest where further savings could be made. Self-employed, employed, property, pensions - SimpleTax handles all required forms except Lloyds and MPs. 

"I think it is brilliant. I always found Sage too complicated but this makes everything so simple with tremendous support with all questions answered. It was easy to sign into and simple to use."
G H, Overseas User

"A new year gives me the opportunity to say how impressed I have been with all aspects of the services you provide and for the values you have set yourselves"
J C, Aberdeen

“...Thank God for services like yours"
Mr W, Glastonbury

"...very  delighted with the remarkable service. We are extremely impressed by the presentation of figures, breakdowns & calculations... We will of course recommend it to our friends."
Mr & Mrs G H, London

"...I  just wanted to let you know that this system really works for me. I was struggling endlessly with my last package so this is a breath of fresh air. Very straightforward and useable. Thanks again"
Glyn, Dorset

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